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About Discover IT Skills

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Mission & Purpose

Discover IT SKills is an Online Study Resource for current and former Computer Science and Information Technology students, IT Professionals, who need a resource to help them with their studies and IT Certification efforts.

Often, the task of studying , learning a new or updating knowledge or skill for a given computer technology, maintain current technologies, study for a Certification can be a lonely voyage and undertaking.

It doesn't have to be that way.

From weekly Study Groups to Online interaction through forums, e-mail, remote desktop sessions, Discover IT Skills strives to make the learning of beginner, intermediate, advanced level IT concepts easier. It doesn't cost anything to join this site or become involved in the weekly Meetups. All we look for is your desire and passion to learn along with our group.

How did Discover IT Skills got its start

It started out by the founder of Discover IT Skills volunteering to teach Python Programming to a bunch of IT and Computer enthusiasts once a week in the evening. Gradually the subjects covered by Discover IT Skills increased from Security Certifications such as CompTIA Security+, Cisco CCNA Certification, Computer Forensics. Gradually the subject available are increasing. 

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