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Cisco CCNP Tutorial

Tuesday, 06 September 2016 00:00

Cisco CCNP Route online tutorial

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This tutorial covers the topics included in the Cisco Certified Network Professional ROUTE exam, including:

  • Review of routing concepts
  • Routing protocols including: EIGRP, IGP RIPng, BGP, and OSPF
  • Basic and advanced EIGRP
  • Basic and advanced OSPF including OSPF virtual links, OSPF area types, and publishing default routes in OSPF
  • Route distribution and selection, route redistribution, modifying routing using policy,internet connectivity, and BGP
  • Advanced BGP topics
  • IPv6 Internet connectivity
  • Router and Network Security
  • Routing protocol authentication
  • Network management, including SNMP security, NTP security, and NetFlow basics

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