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Thursday, 08 September 2016 00:00

Project based Python Programming Study Group Featured

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Project based Python Programming Study Group information

The Event Details:

  • When: Every Friday evenings Fall and Winter Season
  • Time: -
  • Where:Tom N Toms Coffee Shop, Little Tokyo Shopping Center,
    333 S Alameda St, Ste 108, Los Angeles, CA

The event program:

Python programming has lots of applications from Data Science to Networking and Security to Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi, graphics, etc.

Whether you're just learning Python programming or have a project to use Python in computer networking, penetration testing, ethical hacking, graphics and other applications then join us at our weekly Python Programming study group. Bring your programming project.

If you are stuck learning Python and need a starting point to learn the language, then RSVP here and to future events. You can use our Web based Online Classroom component to get the basics down so you can start learning Python at the convenience of your home PC, Laptop, or Tablet.

What you need:

  • A laptop that can connect to the internet via a local wi-fi.
  • Python 3.X Interpreter and Pycharm IDE.
  • An open mind

Learning Resources:

  1. Sign up for Learn To Code LA Slack page to get your Slack invite then join the Learn To Code LA Slack #python channel and messaging board.
  2. Sign up for Beginning Python Programming Online Classroom website.
    Contact Webmaster to obtain credentials and be able to access and utilize the website.

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